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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" — African Proverb
Let's collaborate to make your project successful on the long term.


Helping you define your CX strategy while aligning to your organisation goals

Digitisation of CX

Making you more competitive by allowing customers to contact you in more ways, more efficiently

Frictionless Experiences

Enabling you to offer customers enjoyable and shareable journeys


Creating a better, stronger, bolder brand image online


Project managing the successful launch of a new platform, configuring your customer support software


Coaching your support team, both in using a new customer support software, and improving their skills


"If you want something done well, do it yourself." — Napoléon Bonaparte
While this applies to many things, there are some areas that are better left to the experts.

Customer Service Solutions with Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform. Zendesk products are designed to facilitate communication, reduce friction, and improve the relationship between companies and their customers.


Be the company your customers want you to be and optimise your customer service quickly and easily with Zendesk.

As a Zendesk Certified Solution Provider, we are experts with Zendesk products, and with our Consulting Services we help companies implement Zendesk and optimise their digital customer service.

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Customer Experience Consulting

Whether your project is related to Zendesk or not, our team's expertise and experience in the customer experience space will benefit you.

Delighted customers, engaged employees, happy citizens, it's all about the human experience. Boost your bottom line thanks to touch points that are simpler and more digital, while being more efficient and cost effective for your organisation.

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We believe our expertise and our success rate with other projects will demonstrate a clear and quick return on investment. Don't take our word for it? Read what our clients say.


"ADT Consulting were great throughout the project. They followed through with clarity at each step of the way, with active feedback pre-implementation on next steps and reviewing our needs as we went along to find a suitable solution within the agreed upon timeframe. They have a great understanding of both customer and agent experience and were proactively recommending previously used solutions with use case examples."

A. Dorweiler – Head of Support


"ADT Consulting successfully implemented the Zendesk Suite to allow us to enhance the help offered to our customers worldwide, assisted by our support teams spread between Asia and Europe.
We were satisfied with the execution which respected the forecasted budget and timeline — all amid a pandemic."

M. Jetter - Customer Success Manager


"ADT Consulting helped us to optimise our Zendesk account, by improving the configuration of Zendesk Support, Chat and Guide. They accompanied us in adding additional brands, adapting and respecting the specifics of each. ADT Consulting is an experienced partner, who knew how to understand our requirements, and who allowed us to quickly set up an optimal and dynamic tool."

E. Wermuth - Partner Support & Customer Service


"[...] quickly understood the requirements related to the delivery of our project. He has proven himself to be a quality partner allowing us to meet the tight schedule of our project"

S. Deshusses - Direction Générale des Transports


"[...] helped us improve our Zendesk configuration to optimise it and allow new departments to make use of it in a more efficient way, all this in a short time."

R. Gärtner - Head of IT


"In any case, thank you for everything, and for the quality of your services."

E. Ferraro — RSI


"[...] dynamism and strong communication skills."

M. Carosone - Chef de Projets Relation Clients

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